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Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 50" x 74.5" x 27"
  • Cabinet Size: 54" x 78" x 30"
  • Total Jets: 5-10
  • Capacity: 2 People
  • Water Fill: 65 US Gallons

Looking for a spa for just the two of you.  You found it.  It comes with 2 unique lounger styled seats for maximum comfort and 10 jets to soothe and refresh.  This spa is designed to go in a basement, room enclosure or on a small patio.  You can enjoy endless fun, reliability, and nurturing hydrotherapy.  If you are limited on size, then this is your spa.  This spa is built in limited colors so check for the current choices.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell/Cabinet Size 79" x 79" x 35"
  • Total Jets: 14
  • Capacity: 3-4 people
  • Water Fill: 270 US Gal.

The traditional styling of the Crown makes a beautiful addition to anyone’s castle.  The Crown features a variety of jet configurations in five seating locations.  Its expansive, Barrier-Free design provides plenty of room.  The Crown offers 14 jets to give a great therapeutic experience.  The Crown measures 79” x 79” x 36”.  Custom build your Crown with any color we offer, and a brown/gray polymer cabinet or a ¾” cedar wood cabinet with a natural canyon or unique coastal gray stain.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 59" x78.5" x 29"
  • Cabinet Size: 63" x 82" x 31"
  • Total Jets: 28
  • Capacity: 3 People
  • Water Fill: 165 US Gallons

The Princess is perfect for one, two or three people.  This spa has one of the most comfortable loungers found in any spa.  The lounger seat has four double pulsating jets for your upper and lower back and a bigger than life storm jet for the middle of your back.  This lounger also offers two air jets for your calves and two hydrotherapy jets for the bottom of your feet.  In the bucket seat next to the lounger, there are two palm jets to offer therapy if you suffer from carpel tunnel problems or arthritis in your hands.  With 28 jets, this spa packs quite a punch.  If you are looking for the true hydrotherapy experience, then welcome to the Princess.  With plenty of foot jets, calf jets, and even palm jets to massage you, its no wonder the Princess is rated as “Awesome” by existing Royal Spa customers.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 68" x 84" x 29.5"
  • Cabinet Size: 71.5" x 88" x 31"
  • Total Jets: 18
  • Capacity: 5 - 6 People
  • Water Fill: 250 US Gallons

The Knight is a great compromise between price and comfort.  Underwater lighting will set your mood for relaxation, while each hydrotherapy jet sends warm water to comfort, caress, or stimulate the body.  This is a great spa to go into a room since it can be taken through most exterior doorways without any modification to the doorway.  But whether you use it indoors or on your patio, you’re sure to love the Knight.  The Knight offers 1 lounger and the additional room for up to 4 other adults.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 75.5" x 83.5" x 33.25"
  • Cabinet Size: 79" x 87" x 36"
  • Total Jets: 37
  • Capacity: 4 - 5 people
  • Water Fill: 325 US Gallons
Are you looking for that perfect spa to set in the corner of a room or on a deck?  You found it.  The Jewel is designed with a cut corner to open up more space around the spa.  The cover can be ordered to open up in different directions to give flexibility to how you place the hot tub.  With 37 jets, the Jewel offers a unique blend of water and air therapy.  The Jewel can seat 5-6 people.  Customize the massage experience to suit your mood.  Stretch out in your Jewel, your arms supported on either side, massaged by palm jets in the bucket seat.  A mid-sized spa with full-size punch.
Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 75.5 " x 83"
  • Cabinet Size: 79 X 87 "
  • Total Jets: 42
  • Capacity: 6 - 7 People
  • Water Fill: 400 US Gallons

The new Regal is a mid-sized spa for up to 5 adults. It includes dual loungers, two bucket seats and a "Cool Down" seat. One of the bucket seats includes our new neck and shoulder massage jetting system (also available on additional models). This spa incorporates all of the latest in seat design and jet placement while still maintaining the low maintenance and low operation cost that has put Royal Spa ahead of the pack.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 75.5" x 83.5" x 33.25"
  • Cabinet Size: 79" x 87" x 36"
  • Total Jets: 42
  • Capacity: 5 People
  • Water Fill: 375 US Gallons

The Royale features a luxurious lounger along one side and a deep bucket seat that is ergonomically molded to cradle your body in comfort with plenty of precision jets for your back and double pulsating jets for your feet.  The bucket seat also offers 2 jets for those that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.  With a total of 42 jets powered by 3 individual pumps, the Royale, like all Royal Spa Models, is powerful and still remains the most energy efficient spa in the industry.  The Royale offers a sturdy grab rail above the lounger to help you maneuver in and out of the lounger.   And not to leave out the little ones, the interior step offers a great cool down spot or child’s seat so that your whole family enjoys quality time together.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 75.5" x 83.5" x 33.25"
  • Cabinet Size: 79" x 87" x 36"
  • Total Jets: 42
  • Capacity: 5 People
  • Water Fill: 400 US Gallons

Ready to spend a little downtime with family and friends?  The Royalty II offers three deep therapy seats, 42 jets, and a total of three pumps to send extraordinary water flow to all of the jets.  One of the deep seats has Royal Spa’s new shoulder and neck massage system.  Also, the foot well offers a unique “Soul-mate” (reflexology) massage for your Mind, Body, Soul, and of course your feet.  Our Soul-mate system combines the power of touch with jet hydrotherapy.  This mid-sized spa is the perfect Royal Spa for the family with big therapeutic needs.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 75.5" x 83.5" x 33.25"
  • Cabinet Size: 79" x 87" x 36"
  • Total Jets: 42
  • Capacity: 5 People
  • Water Fill: 400 US Gallons

Step into the warm, massaging waters of the Empress.  With 42 jets, the Empress offers 3 seats and 2 ergonomically designed loungers with plenty of jets to concentrate on the calves and feet.  Some people uncomfortably “float” in a lounger so we have engineered these loungers to eliminate this type of buoyancy problems.  The award-winning Empress seats five adults in comfort and is our current #1 Selling Spa. In between the 2 loungers is the “Hot Seat” hydrotherapy station.  With 12 jets, this seat offers a spectacular combination of Euro, Roto and Pulsating Jets and to massage up and down the entire body including your palms/wrists to alleviate carpal tunnel problems.  If your feet require special attention, this spa has a foot massage station for every seat in the spa.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 94" x 94" x 36"
  • Cabinet Size: 98" x 98"x 38"
  • Total Jets: 36
  • Capacity: 7-8 People
  • Water Fill: 550 US Gallons

The Monarch is so roomy you will feel like Royalty.  This spa will take you back to the original "Hot Tub" days and will still wow you with all of the latest advancements in its features and benefits.

The Monarch gives you plenty of good reasons to stay home and spend time together.  The Monarch is big enough for eight people.  If you wish to entertain your friends or family, you must check out the volcano jet that is centered on the floor of the spa.  This powerful jet creates a column of water that erupts over well above the water.  The whole family will get a kick out of this jet.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 90" x 90" x 35.5"
  • Cabinet Size: 94" x 94" x 38"
  • Total Jets : 45
  • Capacity: 5-6 People
  • Water Fill: 465 US Gallons

Each of you can lay back and stretch out in one of two isolated loungers and not have to share your spot with anyone else.  The Majesty’s two individual loungers offer the taller person and also the shorter one a great way have their own personal space.  With its cut corner front, this spa fits easily into a corner.  The Majesty also comes equipped with a 7 Jet “Hot Seat” to really work on those sore muscles.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 90" x 90" x 36.5"
  • Cabinet Size: 94" x 94" x 38"
  • Total Jets: 45
  • Capacity: 6 - 7 People
  • Water Fill: 500 US Gallons

Stress has met its match.  The Emperor II delivers outstanding performance with 45 jets, including the “Hot Seat”, which offers 11 jets (7 double pulsating jets, 2 palm jets, 2 precision foot jets).  When the mood strikes, however, you can choose to sink into one of its two luxurious loungers and simply soak away the stresses and tensions of your day.  The 2 extremely comfortable loungers are side-by-side and facing each other and they accommodate a wide range of heights, while its corner seats deliver a variety of targeted back massages.  The Emperor II allows for a small child to sit next to mom or dad in the booster seat.

Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 90" x 90" x 33"
  • Cabinet Size: 94" x 94" x 38"
  • Total Jets: 45
  • Capacity: 6 - 7 People
  • Water Fill: 495 US Gallons

If the party is at your house, you are ready!  You can pile everyone in your Sultan. Its varied seating accommodates everyone from the tall to the more vertically challenged and gives each, his or her own personal spot.  The built in cool off seat or kid’s spot makes it an ideal family spa as well.  From the family of four, to the neighborhood block party, this spa has it all.  You’ll have shoulder jets working on you like fingers to unwind the kinks from life’s daily stresses, upper and lower back to finish loosening you up, and foot jets as well as pressure point massages for your tired aching feet.

King Ultra
Specifications and Features
  • Shell Size: 90" x 90 " x 36.5"
  • Cabinet Size: 94 " x 94 " x 38"
  • Total Jets: 60
  • Capacity: 6 - 7 People
  • Water Fill: 575 US Gallons

Welcome to the King Ultra.  The King Ultra and its expansive seats, offers several areas that are extra deep and extra wide for that unparalleled shoulder room.  This spa boasts 52 high performance hydrotherapy jets with 8 soothing air injectors to provide a total of 60 points of massage. The roomy foot well, wide rounded seats and a contoured lounge combine to make this popular spa a winner.  Custom build your Ultra King with any color and cabinet combination along with the many other options available to help you relax or stimulate your senses.

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